Make your fundraiser memorable with help from Sisters Bottles & Brushes.

Have you noticed how all those walk-a-thons and charity 5K races seem to blend together in your mind? Do you want to avoid a similar fate for your fundraising event? Simply partner with Sisters Bottles & Brushes.

At one of our paint and drink sessions, your supporters will get to enjoy an evening of relaxed socializing while also letting their creative juices flow. You can include alcoholic beverages and snacks if you like, or else let participants bring their own. We will take care of everything else, including the paints, brushes, canvases, and step-by-step painting instructions.

Don’t just raise money—raise awareness

A fundraising event at Sisters Bottles & Brushes has the potential to continue benefiting your charity long after the date of the event has passed. How? Well, if we include something that references your charity in the painting, your supporters will be reminded of your cause every time they look at their masterpiece. When scheduling your fundraiser, feel free to discuss this possibility with us and we’ll help you brainstorm ideas for your painting.

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