Just imagine it: your child and their friends, paintbrush in one hand, juice box in the other…

Our kids’ painting sessions are an excellent alternative to the typical party or play date. Your child will get to exercise their own creativity, learn a little bit about painting techniques, and—best of all—they won’t be doing it in your home.

When you let your kids paint at Sisters Bottles & Brushes, there is absolutely zero prep work or cleanup for you to do, and no risk of any of your walls, floors, or furniture getting ruined.

Well, okay, you’ll probably have to clean some paint off your kid. But that’s it, we promise!

We will supply all the paints, brushes, canvases, smocks, easels, and instruction. You can bring drinks or snacks if you like, and your child will get to enjoy the sensory experience of painting. At the end of the session you’ll have a beautiful, unique work of art to hang in your home.

Check out our calendar for kids’ sessions, or contact us to schedule a private session for a birthday party or other event.

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